Cantinetta Antinori in Florence

The Cantinetta Antinori in Florence is located in the historic center of the city on the ground floor of the Antinori Mansion, which is one of the best examples of Florentine architecture of the mid 1400's. Immediately upon entering the main entrance of the mansion you will find the doors leading to the Cantinetta, where you can see the symbol of the Craft Guild of the "Vinattieri", into which the first member of the Antinori family, Giovanni di Piero, was inscribed in 1385. The restaurant is open to the public for lunch and dinner, and, as in the past, it is still possible today to try all of the Antinori wines either by the bottle or by the glass, tasting them together with a selection of specialties of Tuscan cuisine. Many of these are prepared with ingredients which come from the family's various estates in Tuscany and in Umbria.

In order to prepare some of our specialties at home, we offer you a selection of recipes divided up according to the four seasons, out of respect for the tradition of Tuscan cooking. This tradition is based on the philosophy that "every product from the earth should be eaten during its natural season of ripening in order to be able to fully enjoy its flavors". For each recipe we recommend the Antinori wine best suited for that dish. Enjoy the food and have fun!

Cantinetta Firenze - Vista interna del ristorante

Cantinetta Firenze

interior view of the restaurant

Il carro - E. Ferroni, Olio su tela, 1881 - collezione Accademia Antinori

Il carro

E. Ferroni, Olio su tela, 1881 Antinori Acdemy collection